Does not consist in saying or doing what no one has said or done before, but saying and doing exactly what you think yourself. Every word , action or emotion we are about to encounter has passed through many a text or verbal usage. What makes words come alive for us is that emotional value we place on them. Words can beautify, words can destroy, it depends on how you choose to express beauty or emotions into them. I guess you can say that with my writings that I am truly emotionally enchanted and I may never want for more. I hope you too will find your way through your own special “emotions”…words.

 From my friend Denise Velasquez …words of wisdom written to me many years ago in a diary that I was beginning…just unearthed it last week.

 (It was right on time then and right on time now and it rings as true for me now as it did then and I am grateful to hear and see it again). I encourge all of you to speak your emotional truth as well!






In this space you will find a profile of multifacited Gail A. Ward as well as news and announcements from Gail's entrepreneurial production company, LRH Productions.

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"Move To Your Own Beat"


A very Special thanks to my fellow "Little Red Hen" Caroline Murphy-Himmelman who pushed me to get this going, designed it and held my hand to help me begin to get my "Voice" Back! Love you honey!